The perfect experience in Prague should be a comprehensive experience of all possible „tastes“. Go for a great breakfast in the morning in the city center, then go see the sights and then for an unusual experience such as erotic massage. Enjoy your stay in Prague absolutely wonderfully so that you have beautiful memories. Take lots of photos for memories in the form of photos that you can show to your family and friends. Subsequently, you can better entice them to travel with you next time for culture and exploring new places.

Hlavní město

You can hire a guide who will show you all sorts of corners of this unique city. You can discover many interesting places with a rich history. Be sure to book a hotel, because you can`t do so much in one day, and if you want to go through everything – you have to have enough time.

If you are traveling with pets, you need to book a hotel where these animals are welcome. The dog usually pays extra, due to „excessive“ cleaning after your departure.

Do you travel alone on your own? This is amazing, you have a choice of several locations where you can lie down under the stars and fall asleep surrounded by the chirping of crickets.

Krásná Praha

Safety. Security in the capital city of Prague is very important. Thanks to extreme tourism, you will see many people. As a precaution, we recommend wearing a respirator in public places at all times. Also, watch out for thieves. Many thieves are waiting for tourists to rob them. Keep your valuables with you at all times and securely stored so that no one can reach into your pockets or backpack.

We do not want to discourage you from visiting Prague, but we just want to tell you any recommendations so that your stay is as good as possible and without any problems.

So get ready for the best trip and to discover the beauties that Prague has to offer.